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HHI is truly Uniting the World of Hip Hop Through Dance.


Founded in 2002 and based in Los Angeles, Hip Hop International is the producer of multiple live and televised street dance competitions that are the largest and most respected in the world.  Hip Hop International was created to focus attention on and foster an understanding of street dance. In 2002, HHI innovated the 5-8 member crew competition, a format further popularized during seven seasons of “America’s Best Dance Crew” (ABDC), the show HHI created for MTV.


The idea for Hip Hop International began in 2000 when HHI cofounders Howard and Karen Schwartz saw street dancers in Paris and Tokyo captivating large crowds with incredible dance moves.  Because it was a style of entertainment that transcended language barriers, they saw the potential to reach an ever- wider audience from the beginning. They also knew that attempts to professionalize street dance would fail if they did not honor its origins and traditions with integrity.



Hip Hop International World Championships

7th - 12th  August 2017





Important Announcement

regarding changes and amendments to the

Official HHI Rules & Regulations – Effective 2018


Please be advised of the following modifications to the Hip Hop International Official Rules and Regulations effective immediately.


For MegaCrews: Pre-Event - Entry Changes, Additions, Substitutions (page 3)

For MegaCrews requesting a change in the number of original members advancing from a local competition to a national competition, a national competition to an international/world competition or a MegaCrew defending a championship title; additions, substitutions and deletions of up to 1/3 of the original MegaCrew members may be made as long as the MegaCrew does not go below fifteen (15) members or exceed forty (40) members. The event organizer must be notified in advance of the competition or during onsite registration to consider and approve the change(s).


For Crews / MegaCrews:

All the members of a Crew or MegaCrew who are listed on the event registration form (following on-site registration) must compete at the start of the competition. HHI does not permit crewmember changes from one round of competition to another without just cause and approval by the event organizer, judiciary director and/or head judge. Every competing crewmember will be subject to verification upon entering/exiting the stage during the competition. A crew that competes with more, less or different crewmembers than those registered, without approval, is subject to disqualification, suspension and/or other penalties deemed necessary by HHI. MegaCrew member substitutions or additions once a competition event has begun are not permitted except for reasonable and justifiable cause. An additional registration fee will be required for each substitution/addition permitted.


World Participation Policy (page 2)

The rule which limits participation in other international hip hop dance competitions within 15 days of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship no longer applies.